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When I first started working for the company, Taiga Premium Mouldings was still working on its brand and identity. I always wanted to create the image where its all about high-end quality products. Therefore, when designing this booklet, I decided to go with its red (from the logo) and made it into an elegant and high end visual to its booklet. Imagery, clean, organized and all the elements that made this booklet so PREMIUM.

Taiga Premium Prime Mouldings


Let your home inspire your creativity​. Add style and beauty with Taiga Premium Prime Mouldings.

Taiga mouldings are manufactured from the finest, medium-density fibreboard (MDF) available and treated with a unique coating that accepts any type of high-quality trim paint. The process employed in the actual moulding and priming is state-of-the-art, when compared to existing industry standards. Many hours of research, development and laboratory tests for uniformity, strength and other structural qualities have produced a product that is virtually unsurpassed.

Onto the right, there’s the sample of what they Catalog used to look like before It was recreated by me.